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Experience the Future of Gaming with the world's first smart crypto wallet, introducing an exhilarating U2E (Use to Earn) & P2E (Play To Earn) system that transforms every action into a thrilling game!
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with the first-ever DeFi Wallet
featuring a prepaid card you can top up with crypto
Earn Points with Every Transaction and Boost Your Rewards with Exclusive NFTs

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DefiOlio Wallet

First mobile crypto wallet that rewards users for using the wallet. First U2E (Use To Earn) Wallet

Genesis Of DefiOra

Phase Two

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the Power of DefiOra

Enigmatic Mystery Perk An unprecedented perk bound to captivate and mesmerize all holders, elevating GoD NFTs to unparalleled value within the crypto realm.
NFT Royalties Amplified Dive into the future of passive income! Receive an impressive 2.5% in royalties from NFT trades, boosting your income stream effortlessly.
Progressive Earnings & Bonuses As your earnings grow effortlessly, qualify for future airdrops and unlock exclusive bonuses, ensuring your journey with us is constantly rewarding.
Accelerated Passive Income Gain bonus points within the app, accelerating your passive income potential and making every interaction more lucrative.
Master Lucrative Bonuses Own 4 of a set to unlock additional lucrative bonuses, putting you in control of your earning potential like never before.
DefiOlio Card Cashback Experience the ultimate in rewards! Enjoy more points back when using the DefiOlio card with your NFTs – it's like cashback, but better!
Escrow Fees Waived Seal the deal without the hassle! Get all escrow fees waived from our cutting-edge escrow system, putting more money in your pocket.
Access & Reduced Fees As a valued member, enjoy Priority Trading Bot Testing Access (When Released) & Reduced Fees, giving you an edge in the fast-paced world of trading.
Priority Access Be a trendsetter! Gain Priority Alpha & Beta Feature/Testing Access, ensuring you're among the first to experience the latest innovations.

Profit Oracle

Discover Your Passive Income Potential with Our Swap Fee Sharing Oracle!

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Monthly Revenue

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NFT Fusion & Upgrade

Unleash the Power of Fusion

» Evolve your NFTs to a Higher Rank & Power through mesmerizing Fusion.

» Embrace the mystical burn function, reducing NFT availability and boosting total profits.

» Experience the thrill of increased base power and randomized skills after fusing NFTs.

» Command more power in battles and events with a full set of 4, unlocking exciting bonuses.

» Unleash the ultimate power path by keeping all NFTs on the same path!

Empower Your NFTs with Unique Upgrades

» Upgrade NFTs for boosted attributes, tailored for unique strengths.

» Earn points from quests and tasks to boost NFT strength.

» Redeem consumable NFTs for essential upgrade materials.

» From level 1 to unstoppable strength—unleash their potential.

» Prepare for a new group of NFT characters entering the DefiOra Realm.